Facility Dogs

Facility Dogs work in school, counseling offices and health care facilities. They are trained to the same degree as service dogs placed with an individual. A facility dog resides with a facilitator who is an employee of the facility.  The facilitator is responsible for handling and caring for the facility dog.  Facility dogs provide unconditional love and attention to the clients and patients with whom it interacts.

  • Relates to and gravitates towards people, especially children;
  • Likes being petted and touched;
  • Remains calm in a variety of distracting situations;
  • Responds reliably to basic commands when spoken in a soft voice or through subtle hand signals;
  • Is willing to work with a secondary handler while in the presence of the primary handler.

Facility dogs encourage patients and students with calming demeanors, help alleviate stress, concern and anxiety.  Each dog is individually trained to meet the facility’s specific needs.