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Friday, March 28, 2014 | 90.5 WESA: Jim and Susan Wagner, Training Dogs For The ‘Perfect Fit’

Jim and Susan Wagner have turned their love for dogs into helping children with autism. A few years ago, they were at a fundraiser for a little girl who had seizures and had a service dog. Jim has been working with children with autism for 20 years and it gave him the idea that these dogs could be trained to help children with autism. This lead to creation Perfect Fit Canines, a training program that matches dogs with those children in need. Read more.


April 2013 | Pittsburgh Pet Connections: The Perfect Dog

“Animals relate to their environment in a way that we forgot,” Susan Wagner explained about the innate connection between autistic children and dogs. “Dogs and autistic children think in much the same way, taking snapshots of the world around them, and these children sense that and react positively to the dog and the dog to the child.” Read more.