Become a Puppy Raiser


Raising a future service dog takes time, patience and commitment, but is also extremely rewarding. By raising a Perfect Fit Canines’ puppy you will have an invaluable role in improving the quality of life for an individual and his or her family. Puppy raiser homes provide the opportunity for an energetic and curious pup to mature into a dependable dog. Puppies love to learn new things and are happiest when given a new skill to learn.  Dog training is not difficult and Perfect Fit Canines and our training staff provide go-to experience for any questions that may arise.

Puppy raisers must attend two (2) group training classes per month, socialize the puppy in public places and provide a loving, safe environment for the puppy. Perfect Fit Canines provides the cost of training classes, collar and leash, veterinary care and training vests which identify the puppy as a “service dog in training” while in public.  Your costs: food, treats, toys, etc. are tax deductible.

Falling in love with the young Perfect Fit Canines’ puppy is required!  Doing so ensures us that you will take care of the pup as if he or she were your own.  We want you to have fun while helping the young pup apply the behaviors learned during group class in public settings.  You may be the envy of all others as the puppy can go with you to places other dogs only dream of going. These dogs learn amazing skills and the pride you will have in a “job well done” will bring a tear to your eye when you hand the leash of a mature reliable dog to an individual with autism.

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“I decided 1 1/2 years ago that I wanted another dog in my life. I contact PFC about being a volunteer puppy raiser. I received Faith around Christmas 2014 and haven’t looked back. She is an absolute joy to be with and smart as can be. It is such rewarding thing to teach her new skills that eventually someone will get to utilize.” – Bill E., Puppy Raiser


“Landon’s loving and energetic personality helps me to understand his real purpose. He makes me a better person just from being with him everyday. ” – Annie M., Puppy Raiser