Facts & Questions

What types of dogs does Perfect Fit Canines use? English Labrador Retrievers. Occasionally, we have Labradoodles reserved for clients in need of a hypo-allergenic dog.

Will Perfect Fit Canines train my dog to be a service dog? No.  Proper socialization and training begins at the age of eight (8) weeks. Family pets lack that early exposure which is vital to the soundness of a working dog. Due to the highly specialized nature of Service Dog work, it is difficult to take a pet who has a special role within the family and switch that role to one of working for an individual.

 How does Perfect Fit Canines get the dogs they train to be Service Dogs? Some of our dogs are donated by private individuals or breeders, however the majority of our dogs are purchased from specially chosen breeders.  In the next year we will begin a small breeding program.

 Can a client have another pet? Yes.  Most of our Service Dogs in Training are raised with other dogs and pets.  We strongly recommend that you do not add a pet to your family until the Service Dog is placed in your home and the team is working.  Remember adding pets requires time and effort.  The success of the Service Dog Team must be first priority.

Will my child bond with a service dog that is not a puppy? Yes.  Our Service Dogs in Training bond with many people throughout their training. For your child to bond with the dog it is not necessary for your child to receive a puppy or to train with a puppy from puppyhood through adulthood.

What are the age requirements to apply? Perfect Fit Canines does not have an age limit.  Families applying for a Service Dog for Children with Autism may submit an application as early as the child’s third birthday with placement no sooner than the first birthday.

I completed the application and fundraising process, but haven’t been matched to a dog yet. Why? Finding the perfect match to meet your unique needs is key to success of the dog once placed in your home. Dogs are placed with individuals based on the availability of a dog that is a perfect match to your unique needs.  Placement is not determined on a first-come first serve basis or on the date you completed fundraising.

How old are the dogs when the clients receive them? Typically, dogs are approximately 24 months old.

Are all dogs spayed and neutered? Yes.

Will the dog go to school with my child? Yes, under the ADA there is no exception to where a service dog is allowed. Consideration must be given to the bond between the child and the dog before sending the team to school.  Perfect Fit Canines reserves the right to determine when the team is ready.

 What are the responsibilities of a Perfect Fit Canines client? All client’s must attend a two (2) week Final Team Training Camp in Pittsburgh, PA and open their homes to in-home training thereafter as required to ensure the success of the team.  At the completion of the two (2) week camp, the team must pass the Public Access Test. Clients must comply with the required post-placement reporting as set forth in the transfer agreement which will be executed at the conclusion of the Final Team Training Camp.  Clients must be committed to maintaining the dog’s training, good health and good hygiene.

Can Assistance Dogs live in apartments? The Fair Housing Act allows for trained Assistance Animals in apartments or other no-pet housing at no additional cost to the disabled person.   www.ada.gov and www.usdoj.gov/crt/housing/title8.php

Can I choice the breed, sex and color of my service dog?  No. The service dog skills and abilities to provide the service needed are what is most important when considering a match. Both sexes are equally suited to be service dogs.

Is advanced training available? Yes, clients are always welcome to attend the Perfect Fit Canines training clinic at no cost.  Specialized advanced training is also available on an individual basis with our training director and/or trainer.  Cost will vary.